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Banyan Bliss Eco Retreat Khopoli
Banyan Bliss

An Ecologically Sensitive Home Stay built under a Banyan Tree 
Banyan Bliss was conceived as a creator of memories for future generations. It came from a deep desire to let urban kids (& pets!) experience the joys of living and growing up in the countryside. Only a two-hour drive from Mumbai and Pune, it houses 6 rustic cottages for families, couples or friends which can be booked as individual units or together for large family groups (upto 23 Max).
Come explore the nature, birds, outdoor activities and delicious food while being immersed in the solitude of wholesome rustic life .
Call us on +919820030717 to make an enquiry


Explore our 6 rooms all with ensuite private bathrooms and outdoor verandahs


Explore birdwatching, waterfalls, hiking & more


Explore the many different sights around Banyan Bliss

Guest Testimonials

We're very grateful for the kind words that have been shared and the experiences people have had at Banyan Bliss over the years and improtu shared their thoughts

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"The decor, stacks of books, and even LP records we chanced upon during our stay gave us glimpses of each room’s previous inhabitant. Most homestays have rooms ‘done up’ for guests but these weren’t. We actually felt like we were living in their rooms, and the minute we left, the family would move back in."

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"Just imagine sitting in the verandah, breathing in the sights & sounds of nature – because that is exactly what you will get at this retreat. Banyan Bliss is a home away from home" 

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"And my idea of a weekend getaway from Pune involves a 2 hour drive from both Pune & Mumbai and thus has come along Banyan Bliss - a rustic homestay around 100 kms from both Pune and Mumbai, but feels like another world. Sitting on top of a hill The place looks straight out of a storybook - a huge banyan tree, a tiny lotus pond, cozy rustic cottages and an amazing view of the valley"

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