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Nature Activities

​Banyan Bliss - 'Your destination to rediscover the joys of rustic outdoor living for children who may never experience it or adults who yearn to re-live those childhood memories of holidays spent at their ancestral home'

What differentiates us from other properties is the absence of any pre defined activity or a swimming pool, room service, spa or health club etc. 

Guests when left to themselves are welcome to decide on what they would like do at our home. Some catch up on long lost sleep given how stressful their weekdays are. Some read, some sip a beverage some make a visit to the nearby river, trek up the nearby mountain and some play catch up with friends, pets and family and soak in the silence and the star lit nights.

Camping for example with children can bring back the simplicity of nature. It increases awareness of one's surroundings, refreshes one's appreciation for the many things that so often go unnoticed. Each day provides a child new learnings and experiences. Nature provides amazing things to discover and camping out on a star lit night enhances these experiences. Just think – the birds and animals, the plants and trees, the rocks, the streams and ponds, the insects, the sounds, the weather, the wildflowers, and the many activities that can provide so much excitement. The possibilities are endless! A well planned, enjoyable camping trip for children, will set them on the path to a lifetime of outdoor adventures. 

Guppy Pond- Therapy for the feet!
IMG_9313 (Edited).JPG

Let the "guppies" give you the perfect foot massage in our rustic pond

Trek up the mountain

At Banyan Bliss, there is a lot to enjoy for families and friends. From leisurely strolls across endless acres of safe and idyllic forest trails, to rustic village walks, or a bullock cart ride to a dip in the Amba river, or sleeping under a charpoy or in tents at night gazing at the stars above, to treks of your choice either up the mountain to the local village deity 900 feet above mean sea level or trying your luck at fishing deep in the forest in a valley from where the mountain streams begin or a walk across the mountain to either Bushi Dam, Amby Valley or even Lonavala.

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