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Introducing Whispering Waters Nature Preserve

A sustainable eco village community spread across 4.5 acres (could increase later), fronted by the waters of a dam on one side and a monsoon stream at the rear. Surrounded by acres of forest, as much as the eye can see.


A collective of residents who aspire to create an environment of natural growth and sustenance

Living amidst a nature reserve, a permaculture farm and food forest. An opportunity to work from a home in nature and to pursue a passion for sustainable collective farming


Managing its human, natural, and financial capital to meet
current needs while ensuring that adequate resources are
available for future generations


A place where people of diverse backgrounds and perspective feel welcome and safe, where decision making and prosperity is shared

Located near Dokshet lake

120 km from Mumbai
26 km from Khopoli station
21 km from Mumbai - Pune expressway


What you get - a private home of your own with land owned as a collective

Each member’s fractional ownership would be half acre which includes a plot size of 2,500 square feet to build a sustainable home with spacious verandas and outdoor spaces for living and working.


The building cost would would be borne by individual members. The housing cluster would help economise water, sewage and power lines within a minimal ecological foot print.

Thereafter a zoning plan will be created which would contain - economic zones, mixed use zones, forest and cultivation zones.

By-laws would be created to provide a framework for sustainable living & The seven residents would decide the objectives, strategies and mobilization of resources.

And what you share - the land its growth and abundance

Each of the 9 community members will own a fraction of the property yet all 9 will collectively own the entire 4.5 acres. With a common title deed.


All members will have equal access to all parts of the estate and a proportionate share of the assets and farm produce.


All 9 will live as a community in a housing cluster of 9 homes which would encourage neighbourly interaction, co -operation and a sense of belonging yet built with privacy in mind.


With community imperatives to guide our actions

Onboard the best sustainable practices of global eco communities

Preserve the character of the natural environment, by utilizing sustainable landscaping techniques

Support local entrepreneurs and provide social & economic initiatives for the local community

Accept that it will be a journey and enjoy it

Pursue biodiversity, the preservation of ecosystems, energy conservation, renewable energy and more

Follow the stated vision and charter and keep building on it


The Promoters

Viinod & Beena

Alumnus of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Relocated from Mumbai 11 years ago to a remote village and set up home at Banyan Bliss.

A home that became a unique homestay experience with healthy homely food, family time, forest walks, mountain treks, waterfalls and a river, stargazing and blissful silence.

Read about the experience of our homestay Banyan Bliss in National Geographic or our story of what drove us to create a home away from the city on  Better India


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